Centre Comptable Riera is a dynamic company for management and tax, commercial, legal, accounting and financial advice




Centre Comptable Riera began its activities in 1987, with the aim of offering a comprehensive service to Menorca companies, adjusting to the needs and characteristics of each one of them, as well as to individuals who need tax, financial, tax, financial advice, management or consulting. tax, accounting, commercial, insurance, legal, etc.
For this, it has a team of highly specialized people and in continuous training, to guarantee a good service. In addition, the company belongs to several professional associations that certify the quality in each of the activities that are carried out and contribute their experience to face any problem that arises.
Finally, the company has a modern headquarters designed with the best functionality criteria, providing the latest technical and computer innovations that allows you to be in direct contact, via the Internet, with your customers, offering them tax and accounting information at the time, as well like all the tax, financial or legal advice they need.
All these factors make Centre Comptable Riera one of the most dynamic and modern companies in Menorca for tax, commercial, legal, accounting and financial management and advice since it has known how to combine new technologies with a personal and direct treatment with the client .











Based on an exhaustive analysis of the information provided by our clients, we offer comprehensive and personalized tax advice, both for companies and individuals, focused on planning and studying the situation in order to seek tax optimization and minimize risks.

Among our services is the preparation and presentation of all declarations and settlements of the tax system:

  • Corporate tax
  • Income Tax for Individuals
  • Non-Resident Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Property Transfer Tax
  • Inheritance and Donations Tax

We also offer assistance and representation services before the Tax Management and Inspection bodies.

In order to keep our clients informed about the news and regulatory changes that are being implemented, we send a circular to inform them.

Our main objective is that accounting is a useful tool for analysis and decision making. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to the creation of it as a mere formalism, but we focus mainly on this facet, collaborating with the administration and accounting departments of our clients in the elaboration and personalized analysis of accounting and financial information.

The services provided by our accounting department are:

  • Accounting Preparation
  • Preparation and periodic analysis of financial statements
  • Analysis of the evolution of the company
  • Planning, organization and management of accounting systems
  • Training and support for personnel in accounting departments
  • Other specific services adapted to the needs of our customers.

All these services can be provided in our offices or in the facilities of our clients.

The complex regulation of the labor relations framework makes their professional management essential to avoid risks and control costs in companies.

In our Labor department we can offer multiple personalized services according to the needs of each company. Among them is:

  • High and low workers and companies.
  • Preparation and management of employment contracts and payroll
  • Preparation and presentation of settlements
  • Labor cost analysis
  • Processing of “pensions”: retirement, disability, widowhood, etc.
  • Representation before Labor inspection

From our Commercial Department we advise and manage all the necessary procedures in this important matter in today’s business world.

The services we can offer, among others, are:

  • Constitution of societies
  • Modification of statutes
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Maintenance and legalization of official books: minutes, partners or any other mandatory book.
  • Preparation and presentation of the Annual Accounts

In the desire to provide the best service to our clients, we have outsourced the legal services that we can offer to our clients.

This collaboration with several professional offices allows us to offer the best service in civil, commercial and criminal matters.

We can also offer Farm Administration services as well as the adaptation to the regulations on Data Protection and the management of the necessary procedures for it.

Following the most current theories on insurance, our department has evolved into a new concept: heritage protection.

With this we seek not only the study of insurance contracts, but a personalized analysis of needs and risks focused on covering most contingencies and contingencies that may affect the assets of our private clients as well as a study of the patrimonial protection of companies Mercantile

All this is achieved with an initial analysis and follow-up based on personal treatment and trust between our clients and our advisors.

Among the products analyzed are:

  • Private insurance (cars, home, accidents, life, boats …)
  • Business insurance (SMEs, civil liability, shops, agreements, life …).


Camí de ses Rodees, 1, Local I · 07703 Maó · Menorca · Illes Balears / Tel.: 971 35 01 00 / info@ccriera.com